From Réclame to Status Symbol

The over 100 years of Baschieri & Pellagri communication can be divided into two main phases.

In the first one there are the historical posters of B&P , where the most famous and most frequently published is the one created by Litografia Ausonia di A. Reggiani., in the second half of ’30 years. The dog lifting up his head, looks at his young master, who is seated and has to lift up his head in turn to look at the old hunter with pipe and shotgun. It is a triangulation which symbolises the social hierarchy of hunting very well, in any era and at any latitude.

Another poster, the one with the sad hunter beside the smiling one, was copied quite blatantly in the advertisement of an American magazine and was very successful with the Italian public.

In the ’50s and ’60s  the illustration was abandoned in favour of photography, with very modern results: we have the construction of the aesthetics of the product which are no longer linked to its context, with cascades of multi-coloured cartridges, the use of optical effects and serial images which was so typical of the most advanced artistic exploration at that time.

And so we come to the end of the ’90s, when the advertising of the product is included in broader project covering all of the communication activities .

The new look is dressed in black: the code for an embracing, exciting and charismatic setting. Black is a background that revives and gives vitally to all it contains. It is typical of those sectors that communicate on a sensorial level: fashion, cosmetics, design. In this Baschieri & Pellagri is seen as an example the world over.

Today, the nuances of black, white and grey are used together with metallic colors in relief and the messages of the elegant ad campaigns,  seek to create a new closer relationship with hunters and shooters.

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